Who are we?

Chicline is a Lebanese business venture that started functioning in Beirut in 2013. It caters a wide variety of services in the food and beverage industry along top notch quality standards which is the cornerstone of the company's culture.

The Launch

Chicline based its first brand, Chicolat, one of the town's highest quality chocolate, in 2014. It opened its first boutique in Clemenceau, a prestigious residential and commercial neighborhood in Beirut which offers almost 30 different tastest of mouthwatering chocolate in an unprecedented vaariety the client cannot find elsewhere.

The Success

Chicolat has been the preferred choice for the captial's largest banks, insurance companies and enterprises that chose it for their top clients to express their gratitude and appreciation. It has also been the preferred choice for weddings, new borns, birthdays and other festive occasions.

In a spawn of few years, Chicolat suceeded to become one of the most prestigious chocolate gifts in Lebanon's society in light of its undisputed standards: quality, variety, elegant packing and wrapping.


In 2018,

Chicline launched its second chocolate brand, La Festa, aimed at catering service for weddings as well and other festive occasions. Preserving the same quality standards, the new brand offers a new variety of choices for different tastes with reasonable and affordable prices for every budget.

Chicline will venture on new projects in the coming months, and they will all preserve the same standards, quality and high end products.

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